Change of Name and a new classroom

Welcome back everyone to 2014. I’ve had a change of classroom. From the end of last year I moved from Room 4 to Room 13. So with that in mind I decided to change the blog appearance also.

This bunch of curious and inquisitive Year 4’s look forward to sharing their thoughts, wonderings and ideas throughout the year.

Term 3 – Swimming

Welcome back to Term 3 Room 4. I hope you have all had a fantastic break and looking forward to a busy term ahead.  The first day of term sees us start swimming. So don’t forget your swimming gear on Monday. I look froward to hearing all about your holiday adventures when I see you.  Have a relaxing weekend and see you MONDAY.

Our Special Visitor – Paul Buzzard

 Paul Buzzard  came to visit us yesterday. He talked to us about his experiences of being profoundly deaf.  The children learnt some new signs and played a game that required them to be focused and watching. As signing is a very visual way of communicating.   Room 4 also then shared their song ‘Three Little Birds’. We were very lucky to have some children from Room 2 and 5 also share in this experience.

Paul was amazed at how fabulous  we are with our signing and we all now have our own special sign names.

So remember to ask us  we LOVE to share.IMG_1629

Putake Korero

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Your amazing Ethan!  Ethan represented the senior syndicate  at the speech competitions on Thursday 4th July held at Murihiku Marae.  His speech was about “What I want to be when I grow up”. 

For Ethan rugby is a passion…so maybe you can guess what he would like to be when he grows up. 




Welcome Back to 2013

Ki Ora,
Welcome back to 2013. Everyone has been settling into Room 4. We have been getting to know each other to make our year in Room 4 a successful one. We have discussed what ingredients we need as learners to help us be successful in our learning. We as a class created our own recipe for success and passed it around as “Success is always better shared.” The children then created their own recipe and shared with their own families/whanau.
Check out our recipe and photos.
2 cups of effort 2 cups of teamwork 2 cups of kindness 1 cup of excitement to learn
1 handful of curiosity 1 handful of fairness 3 Tbsps of honesty and a sprinkle of pride.
These are the ideas that your amazing children came up with when we discussed how we could be successful in our classroom.

Success is always better shared , so pass it around.

I hope you shared in the success of your children as they past around their recipes for making learning successful in their room.

Dear Room 4

Dear Room 4,

My teacher gave me the following maths problem to solve: 87 + 43. My sister says there is a way to break the problem apart so I can solve it in my head but I don’t know what she’s talking about. Can you tell me how to solve this problem?


Adding to my Confusion